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Inspired by a medieval court case, The Knight and the Rose interweaves fact and fiction into a rich and vibrant tapestry of love, betrayal and political intrigue.

Trapped in marrige to the vindictive Sir Fulk de Enderby, a veteran of the wars against Robert the Bruce, Lady Johanna FitzHenry has one last chance to escape.If a stranger can be found who is willing to swear to a court that she was secretly wed to him before her match to Fulk, Johanna will be set free.

Fleeing bounty hunters after the Battle of Boroughbridge where the rebels have been defeated by King Edward II's army, the last thing Geraint needs is to be blackmailed into pretending to be a long-lost husband. But he has no choice. If he refuses, he and his wounded companion will be handed over to the King for hanging drawing and quartering as traitors.

At first the sparks fly as he and the bruised Johanna try to invent a past together, but Geraint gradually realises that this feisty lady is worth healing. With good humour and kindness, he slowly mends her courage and self-esteem.

Though the ploy goes according to plan, Johanna's hired husband leaves many questions unanswered. Why will he not tell her his real name? What is her mysterious rescuer's secret?

Joanna's attempt to discover the truth sweeps her up into the highest echelons of the English court and into a dangerous web of political intrigue as Queen Isabella leads the barons into rebellion against the King.

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