Can an unlikely alliance between a maidservant and a powerful lord save a city from destruction?
Front CoverTroubadour C    

The Golden Widows

Two young women on opposing sides find their lives wrecked by battle ... can they be restored by love?
The Golden Widows    

Mistress to the Crown

Wed at thirteen to William Shore, beautiful and resourceful Elizabeth Lambard is determined to free herself from a loveless marriage and manage her own destiny. But freedom means persuading the Pope in Rome to hear her case, a costly enterprise, so when the King’s friend, Lord Hastings, visits her husband’s shop and they see each other again, Elizabeth offers him an irresistible bargain.
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The Devil in Ermine

1483: England has a new king – a mere boy – but who is to rule the kingdom until he comes of age? His ambitious mother, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, or his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester?
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frameM IsoldeMartyn TheDevilInErmine    

Fleur de Lis

This novel is set in the French Revolution but it is entirely guillotine free. When Fleur, the hunted daughter of a hated duke, interrupts a murderous attack on an elderly traveller, she doesn't expect the dying man to generously offer her marriage and the chance of a new identity. Weary of hiding from her enemies, she accepts and discovers he has left her a theatre-cafe in Paris. But she has also provoked the interest of the handsome, intelligent revolutionary, Raoul de Villaret.
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frameM IsoldeMartyn FleurDeLis
 frameM IsoldeMartyn FleurDeLis eBook

The Silver Bride (Australia) Moonlight and Shadow (USA)

England 1483. Married at sword point to Heloise, a girl with terrifying clairvoyant skills, Sir Miles Rushden is determined to have the marrige annulled, but with the sudden death of the king, Miles and Heloise find themselves at the heart of a power struggle as the mighty dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham manouevre to seize power. Can Heloise convince her handsome new husband that she is not a witch? In a conspiracy that could have a lethal ending, can love prevail?
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frameM IsoldeMartyn TheSilverBride
frameM IsoldeMartyn MoonlightAndShadow
 frameM IsoldeMartyn TheSilverBride eBook

The Knight and the Rose
(Australia + USA + Germany)

Inspired by a true medieval court case, The Knight and the Rose interweaves fact and fiction into a rich and vibrant tapestry of love, betrayal and political intrigue.
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frameM IsoldeMartyn TheKnightAndTheRose frameM IsoldeMartyn TheKnightAndTheRoseUS  frameM IsoldeMartyn TheKnightAndTheRose eBook

The Lady and the Unicorn (Australia) The Maiden and the Unicorn (USA)

This story deals with a real historical hero and heroine and the concept was inspired by the mention of the woman spy in the Chronicle of Philippe de Commynes. When Margery, the beautiful and spirited ward of Warwick the Kingmaker, agrees to carry secret letters to France for King Edward IV, she becomes caught in the deadly power game between the Houses of York and Lancaster. But her greatest danger is the man she is forced to marry, Richard Huddleston. Read more ...
frameM IsoldeMartyn LadyAndTheUnicorn frameM IsoldeMartyn MaidenAndTheUnicorn  frameM IsoldeMartyn MaidenAndTheUnicorn eBook