Country Town

Publication date: October 2021
ISBN 978-1-760652-59-3
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Country Town tells the decade by decade history of a fictional Australian town from the First Nations mob living by the river crossing in the 1820s through to the present. Each page has several little characters for young readers to find as well as a timeline highlighting major events happening in the town at that time in history. Young readers can pore over each spread to discover the stories of the community.

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Well, this has been a very long term project. I had this idea ages ago when researching all the towns in Australia for Events and Places. I wanted to create a picture book that reflected the glooms and booms of a typical country town as well as show how national events impacted the community. I can't draw to save my life so what I needed was a very special illustrator with artistic magic.

Enter Louise Hogan. I don't think she realised what a massive task this would be but she possessed the painstaking skill and patience to translate the lists of changes for each spread into a beautiful and useful book.
Life got in the way a lot of times but gradually each scene was done and it's been fascinating and thrilling to see this little town coming to life.

We gave Walker Books quite a challenge in coming up with a design for our concept but Louise and I are delighted at the result and we thank the publishing team for all their support and encouragement. We are also very grateful to Susan Moylan-Coombs, our indigenous adviser, for all her kind help.

We hope COUNTRY TOWN will be a fun asset in understanding Australia's history.

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