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Isolde Martyn is best known for well-researched historical novels set against turbulent times. Her debut novel THE MAIDEN AND THE UNICORN won the prestigious RITA Award for 'Best First Novel' from Romance Writers of America. Her first two books also won the mainstream 'Romantic Novel of the Year Award' in Australia.

Since being published, she has given talks and workshops at conferences in New York, Wiesbaden and Auckland as well as in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Latest news

The e-book of THE KNIGHT AND THE ROSE will be shortly available. Details soon!

It’s an honour to be invited to participate in the HISTORICAL NOVELS SOCITY OF AUSTRALASIA CONFERENCE which will be held in Sydney in March this year. But it’s not just for writers, anyone who loves historical novels is welcome to attend. There are nearly 40 authors involved and there’s a wonderful programme of talks, panels and workshops. You can find the information at hnsa.org.au

Latest books

frame IsoldeMartyn TheGoldenWidowsTHE GOLDEN WIDOWS is now available in both print and digital format. It’s the story of two real life widows on opposing sides during the Wars of the Roses. The Yorkist widow is Kate Neville, the sister of Warwick the Kingmaker. The Lancastrian widow is a certain Lady Grey!!! A woman about to change history!

To read an extract, head on over to PUBLICATIONS.

The mass paperback edition of MISTRESS TO THE CROWN, about King Edward IV's favourite, known to history as Mistress Jane Shore, is now available in bookstores or from Mira.

For a real life 'Game of Thrones', Isolde’s other recent novel THE DEVIL IN ERMINE, the events of 1483, told by Richard III’s cousin, Harry, Duke of Buckingham, can be bought as print-on-demand or an e-book from Amazon.
For more information about all Isolde’s books, please have a look at the PUBLICATIONS page.

If you are an aspiring writer, you may find the various checklists in the HELP FOR WRITERS section of this website worth having a look through before you send off your manuscript to an agent or a publisher.



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