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It’s always a happy moment to announce that you’ve a new title coming out in the bookshops. At the moment I can tell you the date -- April 2017 -- and as soon as the cover is ready, I’ll be putting it up. We’re just deciding on the title. All very exciting!

The story this time has fictional main characters but like all my other books, there’s a lot of historical events going on and plenty of real people in the subplot. And for a change, it’s not the Wars of the Roses but the thirteenth century and a love story. I wanted to write something lighter for the main plot as I’ve had several years of pretty heavy stuff with both my parents dying and having to clear the family home on the other side of the world, so I hope it won’t disappoint.

This month is busy. A Powerpoint presentation for the Georgette Heyer Day in Sydney and then the RWA Conference in Adelaide. It will be the first time the conference has been held in South Australia and I look forward very much to meeting readers at the ARRA Book signing Event.

Women’s suspense writer Jaye Ford and I are giving a workshop together at the RWA Conference on creating strong heroines. We write in such different genres but we are both members of our writers’ group so know each other’s books very well.

Philippa Langley and John Ashdown-Hill, who were responsible for finding Richard III’s skeleton, have been in touch with me about my article on Bishop John Morton’s skull in the Ricardian Bulletin last year. Morton is one of the villains in THE DEVIL IN ERMINE. Whether we’ll go ahead with a facial reconstruction… early days yet.

Thank you so much.

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PlantagenetsLogoPlantagenet Society of Australia
About 15 years ago, six of us started a history society dedicated to the Plantagenet era (Henry II—Richard III). We meet six times a year and our invited speakers are experts from many fields.
We now have a FaceBook Page and you can find videos of the talks we’ve enjoyed this year from guest speakers Professor Carole Cusack , Professor Jonathon Wooding and yours truly.

The Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/PlantagenetSocietyofAustralia1154/
Plantagenet Society of Australia

We are hoping other speakers this year will be happy for us to video extracts or whole talks.


Latest books

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THE GOLDEN WIDOWS is now available in both print and digital format. It’s the story of two real life widows on opposing sides during the Wars of the Roses. The Yorkist widow is Kate Neville, the sister of Warwick the Kingmaker. The Lancastrian widow is a certain Lady Grey!!! A woman about to change history!

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The mass paperback edition of MISTRESS TO THE CROWN, about King Edward IV's favourite, known to history as Mistress Jane Shore, is now available in bookstores or from Mira.

For a real life 'Game of Thrones', Isolde’s other recent novel THE DEVIL IN ERMINE, the events of 1483, told by Richard III’s cousin, Harry, Duke of Buckingham, can be bought as print-on-demand or an e-book from Amazon.
For more information about all Isolde’s books, please have a look at the PUBLICATIONS page.

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